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About Us

About Us

Since its establishment in 1980, Original Products has accrued professional knowledge and experience in the production of home textiles. It has specialized in finding advanced and quick technological solutions to provide each of its customers with unique, tailored products, based on the individual customer industry's needs and wants. The company does this with meticulous attention to detail, in everything from quality and services to deadlines and prices.


Original Products is unique in its uncompromising ability to provide its customers and business partners with home textile products at the highest level of quality and finish. It maintains these high standards while delivering precise solutions for each client, meeting deadlines and providing quality customer service and affordable prices.



The raw materials, production technologies, variety and innovativeness of the products, customer service and the company’s employees and management are characterized by a high level of quality. Its standards are unparalleled in the global market and especially in the local market.



Due to its global reach and experience and long-term relationships with a variety of worldwide clients, Original Products has developed expertise in customizing its products. We do this to accommodate each client’s financial capabilities, tastes, and styles, as well as their local habits and needs.


One-stop shop

Original Products' departments work with each client to define their needs from the design stage to production and delivery of the finished product. All of our services are available under one roof: Original Products is a one-stop shop for its business partners.


Yes we can

A smart and skilled team, combined with innovative technology, bestow Original Products with the privilege to always say “yes” to clients. Original Products' workers and administration excel in creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and highly professional operations. Thus, the company can provide practical solutions to every request and client.


Quick and easy

Original Products excels in swift operation and supply times.  A team of experts – technologists, chemists and production specialists – provide the most professional solution, tailored to the client’s needs, in the quickest delivery time.


Solutions for any budget

Innovative and high-quality products, excellent customer service, and a user-friendly purchasing experience, and no less important, the abundance of quality goods at affordable prices, are all tailored to each client’s financial resources.